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Understand your climate-
related risks and opportunities

You want to drive CO2 reduction, but don’t know where to start? The Climate Performance Assessment helps you get a structured and holistic understanding of how climate-ready your company already is and what measures it needs to take to become truly climate neutral.

The software-driven assessment ist aligned with leading reporting standards (TCFD, GHG Protocol, SBTi) and sets the basis for your company’s decarbonization and supplier engagement efforts.

Climate Ready Supply Chain

Reduce the cost of obtaining high quality climate data

Businesses today have to meet increasing information demands from business partners, investors and legal regulations despite a lack of time and financial resources.

Our specialized and action-oriented software platform offers a quick, structured and cost efficient solution. Your company receives an actionable Climate Performance Assessment and corresponding reporting basis that prepares you for transparency requirements.

CLIMATE Solutions

Streamline climate data
acquisition & management

Up to 90% of a company’s GHG emissions occur in the supply chain. To tackle these emissions via informed procurement decisions and supplier engagement, you need granular climate-centric data and information from your suppliers.

Therefore, invite your suppliers to be part of the solution, capture their holistic climate management profile via Climate Performance Assessments, which can be shared securely and comparably on the Climate Intelligence Platform.


Engage your suppliers for your climate strategy

The close collaboration with suppliers is the key success factor to ensuring alignment on emission reduction targets for Scope 3. For this, the Climate Intelligence Platform provides intelligence and guidance to engage suppliers on their climate management and reduction targets.

Provide your suppliers with insights and guidance on decarbonization best practices as well as industry- and customer-based benchmarking solutions for alignment across climate strategy, -data and -targets.

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What our customers say

"The partner program with The Climate Choice provides important insights for the decarbonization of Telefónica Germany in Scope 3. It offers support to our suppliers in their climate transformation and we can get more transparency and comparable data on climate performance in our supply chain."

Joachim Sandt
Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, o2 Telefónica

"The partner program with The Climate Choice helps us to increase the climate-relevant transparency of our supply chain. With their software tool, we gain comparable data and thus improve cooperation along the supply chain with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions generated there. We are looking forward to the joint program."

Dr. Johannes Knubben
Head of Sustainability Management, HiPP

"The Climate Performance Assessment helps us to understand where we stand in the climate transformation and how we are assessed accordingly. The assessment enabled us to check internally whether we are on the right track and whether the goals are ambitious enough in all areas. In this way, our current status can now be located in a very concrete way."

Katrin Discher
Director Sustainability, TRILUX Group

"Climate change needs a strong Climate Community. As part of this, we are continuously working on our climate performance and have found a competent sparring partner in The Climate Choice."

Wolfgang Oels
Chief Operating Officer, Ecosia GmbH

"Our mission is the Green Office. Together with The Climate Choice partners, we support other companies in their climate transformation, learn from each other and can continuously develop ourselves."

Thomas Lesser
Managing Director, GREEN IT

"Climate protection is health protection! And this requires all parts of our society. This is why we are part of The Climate Choice. Learning from each other, sharing experiences and supporting each other drive a transformation we have to make for a sustainable future - whether we like it or not!"

Markus Mosig
Sustainability Referee, BKK ProVita

Climate Management
aligned with
international standards

  • TCFD
  • GHG Protocol


Become a climate transformation expert and learn more about climate neutral business from the Climate Community.

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