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Adressing Scope 3 Climate Targets

The Climate Playbook 2023 provides a comprehensive overview of key insights from the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit 2023 (#CTS2023) and serves as a best practice guide for companies to transition from incremental internal to exponential climate action in their supply chain.

Scope 3 is the key to climate leadership

A significant portion of global emissions (50%) originates from just eight supply chains, and Scope 3 emissions (so-called supply chain emissions) typically account for 90% of a company’s total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. For this reason this guide presents a structural approach to drive decarbonization efforts within Scope 3.

The Climate Playbook offers you

  • Framework for holistic Climate Management
  • Guiding Principles for Supplier Decarbonization
  • Best Practices to address Scope 3 Challenges
  • Climate Actions for Scope 3 Decarbonization



  • Key Statements from Paula Caballero (Inventor of the SDGs), Ingmar Rentzhog (We don’t have time), Olivia Henke (Foundation Development and Climate Alliance) and more
  • Overview of Practical Climate Offerings, including solutions from Allianz Technology, AutenSys, CarbonStack, Cubemos, Verso and many more
  • Links to all Live-Sessions of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit 2023

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