The first AI data pipeline
for supplier-specific climate data

Automatically collect auditable data from suppliers, customers & competitors.

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The Scope 3 Data Challenge

Today, companies need supplier-specific data to achieve their Scope 3 targets. But face various key challenges:

  • Continuous Tracking: Annual data collection from 1,000s of suppliers, can be a daunting and resource-intensive task.
  • Data Quality: Making sure data is comparable and audit-ready across different suppliers is a constant struggle.
  • Assessment Fatigue: Suppliers get tired of assessments requests from different customers with varying data needs.
AI Supplier Screening

The AI Data Pipeline solves key challenges

  • Automated & scalable data acquisition: Gather climate-related ESG data of suppliers from public sources like CSR reports.
  • Audit-ready data: Documented data points and seamless integration via API into your systems.
  • No more supplier surveys: Acquiring data without long lasting survey processes.


The AI data pipeline allows you to benchmark and answer key questions about your top suppliers. All we need is the list of your suppliers.

Automate Processes 

Streamline data acquisition from diverse data sources into your systems.

Enhance Climate Leadership

Improve Scope 3 transparency and track suppliers emissions, targets and actions.

Climate Decision Metrics

Empower your organization to take climate relevant business decisions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the AI data pipeline offer?

The AI data pipeline offers a unique opportunity to scale your supplier climate program and gain transparency in your supplier base. Send us your supplier list and we take care of the rest.

  • Pilot the AI data pipeline
  • Receive End-to-end service, only requiring a list of suppliers
  • Analysis of companies based on publicly available data (e.g. CSR reports, websites)
  • Historical emissions data, emission intensity and other key metrics
  • PDF deck with insight analysis
  • Export Data to Excel, CSV, JSON

What supplier-specific data points can I expect?

This depends on the disclosure of your suppliers. We typically analyze multiple documents and datasources for a single supplier including but not limited to CSR reports (incl. historical reports), corporate websites, public databases and product specific documents.

Supplier-specific data points include e.g.:

  • Spend-based carbon intensity
  • Reported Scope 1-3 emissions over time
  • Breakdown of emissions categories
  • Climate Targets
  • Transition plans
  • Decarbonization measures
  • Renewable Energy usage
  • Availability of product-level data
  • and more …

What does the process look like?

All that we need is a list of your suppliers.

We take care of the rest including

  • Identifying the company
  • Identifying the reporting entity
  • Identifying available data sources
  • Verifying data points incl. audit trail
  • Scoring of suppliers and analysis by categories or sectors
  • ..


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