Scope 3 Action Group: Mastering Decarbonization Together!

03/07/2024 | Reading time: 4 minutes

Today, over 4,000 companies worldwide have science-based climate goals. They are committed to significantly reducing emissions and operating in line with the Paris climate target. However, a look at the value chain quickly shows that decarbonization must begin not only in your own company, but especially in ‘Scope 3’.

Quicker said than done. At the interface between internal climate management and external supplier processes, there is often a lack of data and structures to shape the common path to net zero. The decarbonization of the supply chain will continue to be one of the biggest challenges of sustainable transformation in 2024.

Isabelle Fischer

My name is Isabelle Fischer, Operations Manager at The Climate Choice. I am pleased to introduce you to how we work with companies in the Scope 3 Action Group to overcome this challenge together.


‘Scope 3’ stands for a lot of things – but not just reported CO2 emissions! Rather, it is about understanding where emissions arise, how suppliers manage them and what paths they take to reduce them in the long term. So it’s all about governance, strategy, goals, measures and yes, especially the results! All of this information together creates a supplier’s “climate readiness level”.

The “Scope 3 challenge” is therefore complex. In order to significantly reduce the so-called “Scope 3 emissions” or “supply chain emissions”, collaboration with suppliers is absolutely necessary.


  1. How do I get a quick overview of the climate readiness levels of hundreds or thousands of my suppliers?
  2. What data do I collect for this and how?
  3. How can I collect the data regularly, automatically and verified?
  4. How do I use this information to derive targeted measures?
  5. Finally, how can I ensure the development of my suppliers and track progress?

We are addressing these and many other practical questions about Scope 3 in the Scope 3 Action Group, which is going into its second round in a few days! This year I am very pleased to accompany the cross-industry group of 16 companies in the 4-month learning program and to support them in advancing their climate protection measures in the supply chain.


Scope 3 Action Journey

After the successful completion of the first group from 2023, in which a total of 14 companies went through the three modules of the program, the second batch is now starting!

We put great importance to the three values: network, further training and implementation. This means that the focus is on the exchange between the participants and learning with – and from – each other. In addition, practical learnings can be implemented directly in your own company. We rely on a mix of companies of different sizes and industries.

From international corporations like ContiTech and Nordex, to hidden champions like Trox and Hipp, to small and medium-sized companies such as VILSA. Because it is precisely the exchange of diverse perspectives that brings added value for everyone. What does the challenge look like for a purchasing company, what is the position of an OME, how does the role of suppliers in the DACH region differ from Asian suppliers?

Exciting: There are also companies from the digital sector, e.g. Teamviewer and Atruvia, who already combine sustainability and digitalization in their business model. We’ll start together on March 14th, in person in our office in Berlin, to master the Scope 3 challenge together this year.


All members of the Scope 3 Action Group are committed within their companies to reducing emissions along the supply chain and achieving net zero by 2050 at the latest. Some track much shorter time periods. The bar is high. At the same time, it is important to comply with global guidelines and adapt processes internally and externally. A big task for anyone who works in the sustainability team or in purchasing.

The group therefore offers the network to exchange questions together and design solutions. The exchange of basics, best practices and special tricks will take you further, little by little.

We specifically go through the three modules: Climate Management, Supplier Engagement and Scope 3 Roadmapping – and in every step we share the experiences we have gained in working with our customers and their use of our Climate Intelligence Platform. For the implementation of a climate supplier program and the analysis of climate maturity in the supply chain, we provide all members of the group with a 1-year access to the Climate Intelligence Platform.

We also invite additional experts for each module. In master classes they share their insights into Scope 3 calculation, science-based targets and supplier data for sustainable purchasing. We are very pleased that you are there as partners of the Scope 3 Action Group, myclimate, amc group and WiFor Institute!

As a final result, all members of the Scope 3 Action Group develop a clear roadmap for their own supplier engagement strategy and conclude the program with a master plan for Scope 3 decarbonization based on real data.


Scope 3 Action Group

Get on the waiting list for the next Scope 3 Action Group (expected autumn 2024) and be one of the first to find out when the next application phase starts and how you can secure one of the coveted spots!

In order to ensure a good composition of the group with motivated participants, we offer a non-binding, personal interview as the first step in the application process.

I’m looking forward to our conversation!