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Business Insider – Klima-Rating für Autos und Lebensmittel: Software-Riese SAP stellt neuen CO2-Standard vor


(..) Ein anderes Beispiel ist die Berliner Vergleichsplattform The Climate Choice, die bei der Auswahl klimafreundlicher Produkte und Dienstleistungen helfen will. (..)

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The Beam – The Climate Choice: Tackling the climate crisis one company at a time.


(..) Based in Berlin, The Climate Choice empowers companies by making climate action available and tangible. Lara Obst founded the B2B startup in April together with Yasha Tarani, later joined by chief data scientist Dr Rey Farhan. Obst has a 10-year experience in sustainability and tech. (..)

read article – Pepsico Pledges Net-Zero Emissions By 2040


(..)“Next steps will require an accurate planning of clear reduction actions and measures,” Obst adds. “Reducing CO2 is therefore a joined journey and will need the climate transformation of many players. A clear and transparent roadmap would help stakeholder, suppliers and customers to understand how the pledged goals will be implemented.”(..)

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The B2B platform The Climate Choice, based in Berlin, brings together providers of climate-related solutions with companies that want to implement a commercially successful climate transformation. As a “digital climate agent as a service”, the Climate Tech shows precisely fitting solutions to measure, reduce and offset CO2. Lara Obst, Yasha Tarani and Dr. Rey Farhan founded THE CLIMATE CHOICE 2020 and hosted the first Climate Transformation Summit that same year.