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05/25/2023 - Unlocking Supplier Climate Action: Join the Scope 3 Action Group

1pm – 2pm CET

Webinar will be held in German (contact us for English request at kontact@theclimatechoice.com)

To meet their climate goals, companies need to reduce their supply chain carbon emissions, which can account for 90% or more of their total emissions. The problem: Due to the large number and distribution of suppliers, data on climate-related risks, targets and emissions is difficult to collect. In addition, suppliers often lack the knowledge and experience to successfully reduce their emissions.

The “Scope 3 Action Group” offers companies the opportunity to tackle these challenges together in a 6-month program. The aim is to use effective climate measures along the supply chain to decisively advance the decarbonization of Scope 3. The participants receive cross-industry practical insights through expert master classes, get to know best practices, exchange ideas with like-minded people and expand their network.

At CHOICE Event #57, learn more about the Scope 3 Action Group and how participating can help your company to successfully implement climate transformation.

Lara Obst and Yasha Tarani, our founders of THE CLIMATE CHOICE, explain the benefits and possibilities of the program, such as:

  • 5 master classes, including for Scope 3 accounting according to the GHG Protocol, supplier engagement targets and climate reporting
  • Exchange with other industry leaders and jointly develop best practices for Scope 3 decarbonization
  • Conducted a pre-project using the Climate Intelligence Platform for supplier screening, assessment and data-driven engagement

Our experts:

Lara Obst and Yasha Tarani are co-founders of THE CLIMATE CHOICE, the leading climate intelligence and supplier platform to decarbonize the supply chain.

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THE CLIMATE CHOICE offers this event as part of the CHOICE event series, which presents best practice solutions for climate transformation.

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6/15/2023 - Tackling Scope 3 by Driving Change Together: Key Insights from #CTS2023

1pm – 2pm CET

The world’s leading Climate Transformation Summit 2023 has once again gathered global climate experts and corporate practitioners for an online, interactive exchange on how best to accelerate the decarbonization of the economy. The focus was on “Making Transformation happen!”, meaning to reduce emissions in all Scopes. And especially in Scope 3 – as most companies struggle to reduce the emissions of their supply chains, even though they typically make up for 90% of their total climate impact.

In this CHOICE Event #58, we share the most crucial insights. Laure Hellin and Cristina Rinja from BearingPoint as well as Lara Obst from THE CLIMATE CHOICE will present together the brand new “Climate Best Practice Guide 2023”, based on the findings of the Summit and clarify questions such as:

  • Why do companies need to transform holistically to decarbonize?
  • How can transparent and data-based collaboration with suppliers drive emission cuts in the supply chain?
  • What role do new skills, tools and smart decisions play in the climate transformation journey towards net zero?

Our Experts:

Laure Hellin, Manager, and Cristina, Business Advisor, both work at BearingPoint, an independent consulting firm with European roots and global reach. Laure turned her climate anxiety into a professional mission and accepted the challenge to make a bigger impact by supporting companies improving their supply chains’ sustainability. Cristina has a background in Education and focuses on Sustainability and Change management. She fiercely believes that each small step counts and that educating people is the only way to produce big changes.
Lara Obst is Co-Founder and CEO at THE CLIMATE CHOICE, the supplier climate intelligence platform trusted by leading brands to automate time intensive processes for supply chain decarbonization.

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THE CLIMATE CHOICE offers this event as part of the CHOICE Event series, which presents best practice solutions for climate transformation.

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