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12/02/2021 - We the Power – How businesses support Community Energy

Thursday, 12/02/2021, from 1 to 2 pm

Energy, as one of the key impact categories, represents great potential for climate transformation of companies. While many companies have set a 100% renewable electricity and do this through the purchase of RECs, there is still a chance to go a structurally decisive step further: by supporting community energy through one’s own operations. As one of the first companies, Patagonia has embraced this opportunity and is funding the installation of solar projects in each region they are doing business.

In this CHOICE Event #31, Patagonia wants to get a conversation with other businesses going on how they can also go ‘beyond renewable’ and help energy transformation by scaling up community energy in a more systemic way. They can do this

  • by lending weight and credibility to CE groups by being associated with projects
  • by providing seed finance or guarantees for projects
  • by providing guaranteed demand for community energy via a Power Purchase Agreement or by offering up space for renewable infrastructure when sites are difficult to find.

Our experts:

Gina Lovett, Environmental Initiatives Manager EMEA at Patagonia, and Antonio Rohrßen, Environmental Community Organizer at Patagonia Berlin, will explain and discuss the most important aspects of Community Energy. Key examples and testimonials will serve as inspiration and impetus for further discussions.

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