Case Study: Green Planet Energy

In order to obtain a basic overview and a comparable assessment of their objectives and corresponding measures, Green Planet Energy conducted the Climate Performance Assessment.

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About the company

Green Planet Energy eG (formerly Greenpeace Energy eG) is an energy supplier operating throughout Germany. The company supplies around 214,000 electricity and gas customers, including around 16,000 business and industrial customers, and has 30,042 cooperative members (as of June 30, 2022). The company’s declared goal is the energy turnaround, an energy supply from purely renewable sources, without coal and nuclear power. As a cooperative, the company belongs to its members and is committed to a sustainable climate policy without having to maximize profits.


Climate Goals of Green Planet Energy

In order to implement the goal of the energy transition, Green Planet Energy, together with its subsidiary Green Planet Projects, has already invested more than 240 million euros in the expansion of renewable energies. In addition, the company is the only one on the market to meet the strict guidelines of the environmental protection organization Greenpeace e.V. for clean electricity. The cooperative fights for the environment and aims to inspire as many people as possible to shape a clean energy future. On behalf of its customers and members, Green Planet Energy combines political demands with energy solutions.

Project Overview

1. Assessment

Green Planet Energy undergoes an industry-independent assessment process based on the latest and international climate reporting standards.

2. Recommendations

The information is reviewed, the Climate Intelligence Platform evaluates the assessment and identifies individual fields of action based on benchmarks.

3. Platform Access & Rating

Green Planet Energy receives access to the Climate Intelligence Platform as well as the Climate Performance Rating with a Gold, Silver or Bronze label.

Result of the Climate Performance Assessment
of Green Planet Energy

"The result provides a big help in reflecting on the company's own actions and efforts and taking a self-critical look at them. It became clear that Green Planet Energy scored above average in the areas of governance and transparency compared to other companies of its size. Accountability at management level and commitment to energy policy are two aspects that deserve special mention. By contrast, the biggest challenges have been identified in the Metrics and Targets area. Concrete tasks still exist there, for example, in the naming and tracking of specific reduction targets."

Cora Sacher
Politics & Communication, Green Planet Energy

Next Steps

The findings are further evaluated and assessed internally at Green Planet Energy. In the course of this, all internal stakeholders are informed and involved in the process in order to determine fields of action and to name tasks.

The aim is to further strengthen the areas in which the company is already strong and to develop solutions where specific tasks have been identified.

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Further information about the Climate Performance Assessment

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Aligned with international standards, the Climate Performance Assessment offers a fast, structured and data-driven analysis of your climate performance.

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