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The Climate Readiness Check assesses a company’s current climate performance and decarbonization readiness.

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Quick Assessment

Provides a rapid evaluation of a company’s current climate performance and readiness for decarbonization.

Identifies Strengths and Weaknesses

Highlights areas where a company excels and where improvements are needed in their sustainability efforts.

Basis for Engagement

Serves as an initial step for deeper engagement between suppliers and customers on sustainability initiatives.


The Climate Choice - Free Climate Readiness Check

Fast & confidential climate check


The Climate Readiness Check is available free of charge to suppliers of all sizes and industries. Carried out in less than 10 minutes, it empowers companies to get an fast understanding of  it’s climate maturity, to benchmark with peers and discover recommendations to improve. 

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What our partners say

Reliable and consistent data is the key to a holistic and successful climate management of SMEs. The Climate Readiness Check offers an easy and quick start on this. We sincerely support this idea as a launch partner in strategic cooperation with our initiative

Yvonne Zwick
Chairwoman – B.A.U.M. e.V.

Being climate-friendly is increasingly becoming a competitive advantage for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). On the way to climate-neutral operation, the Climate Readiness Check is a useful and low-threshold aid.

Steffen Kawohl
Officer for Energy Transition - Deutscher Mittelstands-Bund (DMB) e. V.

For a holistic transformation towards a sustainable economy, tools are needed that provide SMEs with initial guidance on how to transform their business in a climate-compatible way. The Climate Choice has developed a practical solution to this challenge.

Phoebe Köster
Officer for Energy and Climate Policy - Bundesverband Nachhaltige Wirtschaft e.V.

Successful collaboration on decarbonizing the supply chain requires an appropriate data basis. The Climate Readiness Check offers a simple tool with which even small and medium-sized suppliers can take the first step towards climate transparency and be involved in the joint work on climate targets.

Thomas Heine
Co Chair – Sustainable Procurement Pledge Germany

Companies implementing holistic sustainability strategies that take the entire value chain into account can be role models and lead others to jointly improve conditions for our people and our planet.

Dr. Olivia Henke
Board of Directors – Foundation Development and Climate Alliance

SMEs need solutions that save time and provide a low-threshold entry point for action. This is exactly what the Climate Readiness Check offers. We are therefore pleased to be a launch partner.

Alice Knorz
Board of Directors – Fairantwortung

More than 99 percent of companies in Germany are small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Many of them are faced with the question of how they can implement climate protection in a pragmatic, targeted and yet ambitious manner. The Climate Readiness Check provides initial guidance.

Yvonne Jamal
Chairwoman of the Board - JARO Institute for Sustainability & Digitalization e.V.

The free Climate Readiness Check offers companies a low-threshold opportunity to obtain an initial qualitative assessment of their climate protection efforts and suggestions for improvement. It is therefore particularly suitable for ZNU standard takers and companies participating in ZNU goes Zero.

Leon Halfmann
Project Coordinator - ZNU Goes Zero

Climate-neutral business with the help of digital, climate-impacting technologies from startups, is THE innovation push that is urgently needed worldwide to counteract climate change. The Climate Readiness Check is an effective example.

Franziska Teubert
CEO – Startup Verband

SMEs play a crucial role in the transformation to a climate-friendly economy. It is important to provide them with a low-threshold and practical introduction to the topic. That's why the partnership with The Climate Choice offers great added value for us to enter into dialog with new partners and customers through tools like the Climate Check.

Anja Hirschfelder & Martin Stöhr
CEOs – Impact Hub Leipzig

The Climate Readiness Check is the right tool for us as an eco-energy cooperative to measure our internal climate performance. The tool provides us with information about initial areas for action and thus enables us to identify further potential for improvement.

Nils Müller & Sönke Tangermann
CEOs – Green Planet Energy

We accompany companies through their entire climate journey to Net Zero. The Climate Readiness Check is the perfect starting point for identifying your own climate maturity level at any time.

Frank Siebke

We rely on 100% renewable energy sources: Hydro, Wind, and Solar power and support both big and small players in the market to create the climate transformation of the economy together. The free Climate Readiness Check pursues exactly the same goal, which is why we are pleased to support it as a launch partner.

Petra Schweiger
Head of Purchasing - Energie Steiermark

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