Case Study: Trilux Group

In order to obtain a comparable overview of their objectives and corresponding measures, Trilux has carried out the Climate Performance Assessment on the Climate Intelligence Platform.


1. Assessment

Trilux undergoes an industry-independent assessment process based on the latest and international climate reporting standards.

2. Recommendations

The information is reviewed, the Climate Intelligence Platform evaluates the assessment and identifies individual fields of action based on benchmarks.

3. Platform Access & Rating

Trilux receives access to the Climate Intelligence Platform as well as the Climate Performance Rating with a Gold, Silver or Bronze label.

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About the company

The owner-managed company Trilux is a technically oriented manufacturer of professional LED lighting solutions and control systems. The Trilux Group employs around 5,000 people worldwide and contributes to global CO2 reduction with the use of its energy-efficient products.

Goals of TRILUX

Trilux has set itself a clear climate target based on the Science Based Targets (SBTs). They want to be climate neutral at all German production locations by 2025, with a reduction target of at least 2.5 to 4.2 % per year. In the second step, they are tackling the European production sites.

Katrin Discher, Director Sustainability, TRILUX Group


Katrin Discher, Director Sustainability, Trilux Group:

“The Climate Performance Assessment helps us to understand where we stand in the climate transformation and how we are assessed accordingly. The assessment enabled us to check internally whether we are on the right track and whether the goals are ambitious enough in all areas. In this way, our current status can now be located in a very concrete way.

It is important for customers, suppliers and partners that there is a uniform, comparable scoring system that is easy to use. There are some internationally recognized but very complex scoring systems that SMEs cannot use in this form. That’s why I think it’s great that we have been in intensive exchange with The Climate Choice for a long time and were able to carry out the Climate Performance Assessment.”

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Next Steps

Trilux’ climate assessment forms the basis for their current strategy phase. This means that they have discussed and approved their sustainability strategy for 2023 internally with the management board and are now in the process of providing this with concrete milestones. A large element of this is the climate strategy. Trilux is currently in the process of determining its CO2 footprint for 2020 in order to then see where there is concrete and further potential for reduction.

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Further information about the Climate Performance Assessment

Understand your climate performance

Aligned with international standards, the Climate Performance Assessment offers a fast, structured and data-driven analysis of your climate performance.

Comply with climate requirements

The assessment is based on internationally recognized standards and helps to meet the information requirements of your customers.

Identify Quick Wins

With individual recommendations for action, you can immediately implement quick wins and successfully realize your climate transformation.