Case Study: O2 Telefónica

In order to gain important insights for decarbonization in Scope 3, O2 Telefónica used The Climate Choice software platform to collect climate-focused data from selected suppliers as part of a pilot project.

Project Overview

1. Analysis

Via its software platform, The Climate Choice collected climate-relevant data from selected suppliers of O2 Telefónica.

2. Engagement

Suppliers received reporting, key benchmarks and analyses on their climate potential and strengths.

3. Decarbonization

The collected primary data serves as a basis for the decarbonization of O2 Telefónica in Scope 3.

The partner program with The Climate Choice provides important insights for the decarbonization of Telefónica Germany in Scope 3. It offers support to our suppliers in their climate transformation and we can get more transparency and comparable data on climate performance in our supply chain.

Joachim Sandt
Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, o2 Telefónica

Telefónica Haupstadtrepräsentanz

About the company

O2 Telefónica provides telecommunication services to consumers and businesses. The company is one of the leading integrated telecommunication providers in Germany.

Goals of O2 Telefónica

O2 Telefónica aims to be net CO2 neutral by 2025 at the latest. The company has already reduced the direct CO2 emissions in Scope 1, and indirect emissions by 97% in Scope 2 through electricity purchases since 2015. Now, they aim to discover climate-related risks and find potential solutions together with their suppliers. On this basis, O2 Telefónica also aspires to be emission-free along the supply chain by 2040.

Climate Ready Supply Chain


O2 Telefónica was able to use The Climate Choice software tool to develop a transparent, scalable process for collecting comparable data on the climate maturity of selected suppliers.

The pilot project successfully identified climate-related risks and potentials of the selected suppliers.

On average, this has shown that:

  • The dimension of climate management is already the most pronounced. This dimension includes: governance & leadership, climate responsibility, environmental management, risk and supply chain management.
  • The greatest potential still exists in the dimension of climate impact. This dimension includes: CO2 balance of company and product, emission reduction targets, monitoring of environmental impact.
Climate Readiness Rating 2

Next Steps

In the next step, the software platform of The Climate Choice will be integrated into the procurement dashboard of O2 Telefónica. The climate-relevant data collection for the decarbonization of Scope 3 will be extended to around 1,000 suppliers.

Start decarbonizing your supply chain today and achieve CO2 savings

Further on the Climate Intelligence Platform

Climate Intelligence Platform

The Climate Intelligence Platform is a combination of climate-focused ESG rating methodology and intelligent platform technology.

Collect climate-relevant data

The software tool provides validated data on suppliers‘ holistic climate maturity across key impact and risk dimensions: Governance, Strategy, Metrics and KPIs.

Improve cooperation

The climate scores are entered into the data platform and can be used to collaborate with suppliers on decarbonization strategies and to achieve transparent reporting and efficient climate management.