Case Study: T-Systems

Achieving 100% Supplier Climate Data Transparency in 6 Weeks. The result empowers T-Systems to track supplier progress regularly and in detail, enabling the derivation of effective engagement strategies at Scope 3 level.

We have screened more than 300 carbon accounting and data tools. The data aggregation of The Climate Choice is a dream.

Andreas Sokolowski
Head of Infrastructure Officer, T-Systems

  • T-Systems

1. Challenge

Improving the supplier’s climate performance.

2. Solution

Automation of data collection and analysis of supplier-specific data and documents.

3. Result

Track progress regularly & in detail in a custom dashboard.


TCC Scope 3 Network

The Challenge

T-Systems is facing the challenge to improve the maturity of Scope 3 emissions management in a diverse supply chain. Despite the complexities of dealing with a multitude of partners and suppliers worldwide, T-Systems is determined to achieve transparency and effective management of their emissions for several product categories. The cooperation and implementation of the software solution of The Climate Choice (TCC) supports the assessment of individual climate targets and development of partners on the long-term.

AI Supplier Screening


The Climate Choice software solution efficiently addressed these challenges by offering automation tools to gather and analyze supplier data at scale, making climate an actionable decision metric, regardless of supplier maturity. The platform’s AI-data-pipeline automates the extraction of audit-ready data points from public sources like sustainability reports, websites and trusted databases. Less mature suppliers get an actionable assessment to improve their climate maturity and get on track to align with T-Systems targets. Private data can be shared with T-Systems additionally and securely via the platform. TCC provides feedback loops and benchmarks, which help suppliers understand how they compare in the market and identify areas for improvements. TCC’s API-first approach additionally allowed for flexible analysis and data aggregation tailored to T-Systems’ needs.

TCC Supplier Climate Intelligence


In 2023, T-Systems collaborated with The Climate Choice and evaluated 80 suppliers within 6 weeks. The process involved the analysis of over 3,000 sustainability documents, URLs, information from databases, and various other key data sources, achieving 100% data coverage of their suppliers. The result empowers T-Systems to track supplier progress regularly and in detail, enabling the derivation of effective engagement strategies at Scope 3 level.

Next Steps

Moving forward, T-Systems and The Climate Choice are assessing further cooperation possibilities to optimize the current partner landscape. This strategic initiative can allow T-Systems to reliably identify which suppliers plan, act, and achieve progress in their net-zero transition, ensuring transparency, accountability and continuous improvement.

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