Assess & Benchmark your
Climate Performance

The Climate Performance Assessment enables businesses to analyse gaps against international climate reporting standards  and benchmark against other businesses.

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Analyse climate reporting gaps against international standards and understand how your business is performing against peers.


Our method is based on international climate reporting standards (e.g. TCFD, GHG Protocol, SBTi) and helps to meet the information requirements of your customers.


With individual recommendations for action you can immediately implement quick wins and successfully realize your climate transformation.

More than 6,000 businesses are in the process or have already set climate targets.

Climate Readiness Rating 2

Assess your company’s climate performance

The assessment includes your company’s Climate Performance Rating and a comprehensive review process with one of our analysts. You receive recommendations for action to understand and continuously improve your company’s climate strategy.


Climate Ready Supply Chain

Receive a rating scorecard and industry benchmarks

Your individual Climate Scorecard helps you to build a customized decarbonization portfolio, minimize risks and serves as a basis for reporting. Via the Climate Intelligence Platform you will also access industry and customer benchmarks. Understand insights and trends for aligning your strategy with customer reporting requirements and position your company as a climate champion in your industry.

CLIMATE Solutions

Share your climate data with customers

Via the Climate Intelligence Platform you can request access to supplier climate reporting data and share your data securely with select customers to fulfill assessment and data needs. Our platform is GDPR compliant and we host our software in data centers in Germany.

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What our customers say

"The Climate Performance Assessment helps us to understand where we stand in the climate transformation and how we are assessed accordingly. The assessment enabled us to check internally whether we are on the right track and whether the goals are ambitious enough in all areas. In this way, our current status can now be located in a very concrete way."

Katrin Discher
Director Sustainability, TRILUX Group

"Through the Climate Performance Assessment, we have now gained a holistic picture and can thus tackle targeted and concrete measures for a transformation towards a sustainable company."

Markus Mord
CEO, Vinzenz von Paul Kliniken gGmbH

"The Climate Performance Assessment made it clear to us how important a continuous learning process is on the way to becoming a climate-positive company. For us, the check was the reason to manage climate data and implement the first concrete measures."

Anne Lux
CEO & Founder, ENDURE Consulting

"Through the Climate Performance Assessment, we have been able to identify where we have potential and in which areas we should set priorities. This allows us to make a big difference with small and quick wins, so that we can eventually aim for long-term measures."

Benjamin Nick
CSMO & Head of Event, Unicorn Workspaces

Process overview

1. Analysis

You will receive a questionnaire based on the latest and internationally recognized reporting standards.

2. Quick Wins

One of our climate experts will evaluate your answers and identify individual fields of action.

3. Scoring

You get your Climate Scorecard and depended on the results a label in bronze, silver or gold, to communicate your results to stakeholders.