The Scope 3 Action Group
Accelerating Supply Chain Decarbonization

Join the blended-learning program for Education, Networking & Implementation.

(Starting Date: October 2024)

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The majority of all corporate emissions are generated along the value chain. We offer the “Scope 3 Action Group” to promote climate protection in supply chains. This addresses leaders and respresentatives in companies of different sectors and sizes. All SMEs, OMEs, hidden champions and corporates that want to combine their impact in the supply chain with international requirements and climate targets and who wish for more communication and support about it are kindly invited. The next program will start in the second half of 2024 – put yourself on the waiting list to get notified first and profit from our Early Bird Discount.

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Are you currently facing these questions when implementing the Scope 3 climate targets?

  • What data do I need from my suppliers apart from CO2 figures?
  • How do I collect the data and what do I do with it?
  • How do I ensure improvement and supplier support?

In the Scope 3 Action Group, we address these and many other practical questions. Learn from experts, share best practices with like-minded people and put targeted measures into practice!

You want more information about the Scope 3 Action Group?


Three modules for decarbonizing the supply chain, which all include topic related webinars, tutorials and networking meetings (in person & remote)

Module 1: Climate Management

What data and standards support your decarbonization journey? Within the company, and along the supply chain, you need to aline around shared targets, provide emission data and work on implementing actions. In the first module, companies review and benchmark their own climate management to create the structure for a comparable and relevant data management system.

Module 2: Supplier Engagement

What data should be collected from suppliers and how can suppliers be supported in their development? As a solution, companies develop complex processes, which leads to suppliers being overburdened. In the second module, companies assess the climate maturity of their suppliers through direct data collection and offer their suppliers benchmarking and joint recommendations for action.

Module 3: Reduction Roadmap

How can supplier data and results be used to drive the reduction of supply chain emissions? Collecting data is not a means to an end, because data should be collected and utilised in an action-oriented manner. In the third module, we will start to evaluate and use the results in order to develop a roadmap for decarbonisation and integrate the newly gained knowledge into existing processes.


  • WifOR Institut
  • myclimate
  • amc Group
  • Iskander Business Partner

Frequently asked questions

For whom is the Scope 3 Action Group?

In short: leads, specialists and managers from the areas of sustainability and/or procurement – from companies of any industry and size.

These roles are diverse and often designed differently in various companies.

Therefore, we see that the participants come from areas such as: Purchasing, SCM & Logistics, Quality & Digitalization, Innovation & Product, Sustainability & CRS, Environmental-, Energy- or Climate Management.

There are limited slots available in the group, apply to get one of them.

How much time should I plan to invest?

We calculate 8 hours per month: 4 spend online in classes, 4 as ‘homework’.

The program includes 6 hybrid sessions, 6 of them taking place online in the afternoon (3-5 pm). Two sessions are in-person events: A kickoff on 14th March and a final closing on 27th June, each taking part in Berlin (2-8 pm).

All online sessions are recorded so that learning content can be reviewed. The sessions are also documented in an ongoing ‘Digital Handbook’ as a permanent source of knowledge and learning documentation.

Basically, the program is set up in such a way that companies can carry out the practical implementation asynchronously. On Top, each participant receives support for questions and implementation from the whole group in the private Slack Group as well as directly from The Climate Choice team.

When do the appointments in 2024 take place?

The appointments are already scheduled, for you to block your calendar:

  1. In-person Kickoff in Berlin: 14th Mar (2-8 pm)
  2. Online Class: 21th Mar (3-5 pm), Module 1 Climate Management
  3. Online Masterclass: 11th Apr (3-5 pm), Scope 3 Calculation
  4. Online Class: 25th April (3-5 pm), Module 2 Supplier Engagement
  5. Online Masterclass: 16th May (3-5 pm), Scope 3 Targets
  6. Online Masterclass: 29th May (3-5 pm), Sustainable Procurement
  7. Online Class: 5th Jun (3-5 pm), Module 3 Decarbonization Roadmapping
  8. In-person Final in Berlin: 27th Jun (2-8 pm)

The two monthly appointments are 2 hours each.

In the masterclasses our partners provide insights into the specific topics: Scope 3 Calculation, Target Setting for Scope 3 and usage of supplier specific data for Deacrbonization. They don’t include a whole implementation of those various tasks, but provide knowledge, tools and guidance on how to tackle and fulfil them.

Participation for the Regular Classes & Masterclasses is online. Each session will be recorded and will be available for review afterwards.

In addition, there is the option to join online open-question-tutorials and in-person network sessions.

What services does the Scope 3 Action Group include?

The following services are provided, all included in one price package:

  • Program participation, incl. in-person events and all online learning modules
  • 3 Masterclasses with experts, 3 Regular Classes, 2 in-person Events
  • Synchronous & asynchronous learning content and documentation
  • Individual support & Best Practices from the Group
  • Network & Feedback on own journey progress
  • Communication Package, incl. Interview, Logo & Social Media Placement
  • Climate Performance Assessment including Label (worth 1.990 €)
  • Annual ‘Professional’ license of Climate Intelligence Platform (worth 9.900 €)

What are is the technical setup of the Scope 3 Action Group?

Every participant gets one year access to the Climate Intelligence Platform, via the Professional License.

The platform access allows each participant to:

  • Assess the company’s own holistic Climate Performance along international standards, this gap analysis identifies potentials & allows for benchmarking.
  • Set up own Supplier Screening & Engagement Program, assess climate maturity of supply chain, gather supplier specific data & best practices.
  • Manage and use supplier specific climate data, in own procurement and scorecard systems as well as for incentive and improvement processes.

Moreover, to benefit the most from our online Group as Learning Community, we use:

  • Zoom, meeting tool for online Classes (required)
  • Website, internal ongoing Digital Handbook for the Group (required)
  • Miro, supporting Group work in online Classes (optional)
  • Slack, Group internal communication (optional)

How much does it cost to participate in the 4-month program?

Pricing 2024

  • Companies with < 1.000 employees: 2,990 €* per person
  • Companies with 1.000 – 5.000 employees: 4,990 €* per person
  • Companies with > 5.000 employees: 8,990 €* per person

*Add. VAT.

Until 15th Dec 2023:

  • Early Bird Discount (-25%). Apply now to secure it.


Apply to secure on of the limited seats.

You have further questions?

Schedule a personal meeting with our founder and Chief Climate Officer Lara to clarify any questions you may have.

Lara Obst
Co-Founder & Climate Officer