Empowering Climate Action Through Scope 3 Data Transparency: Partnership with T-Systems

05/02/2024 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Find in the following an overview into the Case Study sharing insights of the partnership between T-Systems and The Climate Choice – published on TheClimateDrive from World Business Council for Sustainable Development here, following the mission to make trusted decarbonization resources for businesses accessible in order to accelerate climate action in line with the latest best practices.

Overview results of partnership between T-Systems and The climate choice: 100% Scope 3 data transparency

Making Scope 3 Action Your Business

In today’s global economy, addressing climate change requires collaborative efforts across industries and along global supply chains. Yet, achieving meaningful progress can be hindered by limited visibility and hence missing traceability of emissions from the supply chain – known as Scope 3 emissions. T-Systems, a key player in the telecommunications sector, recognized this challenge and took proactive steps to drive change. In partnership with The Climate Choice, T-Systems embarked on a journey to enable Scope 3 data transparency, paving the way for targeted supplier engagement and emissions reduction strategies.

Tackling the Scope 3 Challenge Head-On

With a vast network of over 500 partners and suppliers, T-Systems faces the task of managing Scope 3 emissions effectively. Limited visibility and influence over supplier climate performance posed a significant obstacle to decarbonization efforts. Recognizing the importance of comprehensive emissions management, T-Systems sought a strategic solution.

Solution: A Partnership for Progress

T-Systems partnered with The Climate Choice, as a leading provider of climate intelligence, to implement our specialized software solution. Leveraging our Climate Intelligence Platform, T-Systems embarked on a journey towards automated data collection, analysis and action.

Climate Journey Towards Scope 3 Transparency: Step by Step

  1. Challenge Identification: T-Systems recognized the need for improved data transparency in supplier climate performance.
  2. Strategic Partnership: Teaming up with The Climate Choice, T-Systems implemented a specialized software solution tailored to their needs.
  3. Data Automation: Our AI-powered platform streamlined data extraction from various sources, ensuring comprehensive coverage of supplier emissions.
  4. Supplier Scoring: Collaborating on a comprehensive supplier climate readiness scoring process, T-Systems and The Climate Choice analyzed thousands of documents to provide actionable insights.
  5. 100% Data Coverage: The initiative resulted in complete coverage of supplier climate data, laying a solid foundation for emissions management.
  6. Customization: Our flexible API allowed for tailored data analysis, ensuring alignment with T-Systems’ supply chain reality.
Overview of Climate Intelligence Platform: Gathering supplier specific climate data.

Impact: Driving Change Beyond Boundaries

The partnership has far-reaching implications:

Sustainability Impact: By fostering data transparency and targeted engagement strategies, T-Systems is empowered to drive meaningful emissions reductions across its supply chain.

Social Impact: Promoting equity and collaboration, T-Systems ensures that sustainability benefits are distributed equitably among suppliers of varying maturity levels.

Business Impact: From operational efficiency gains to enhanced stakeholder relations, the partnership delivers tangible benefits to T-Systems’ core business.

Paving the Way towards a Net Zero Economy

To implement decarbonization at scale, collaboration is key. Through the partnership with The Climate Choice, T-Systems has demonstrated a commitment to driving change beyond their organizational boundaries. By enabling Scope 3 data transparency and targeted supplier engagement, T-Systems is not paving the way for reducing emissions but also setting a powerful example for others to follow. Together, we build a more sustainable, low-carbon economy.

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