Every buying decision is a climate decision

With our Climate Data Platform, procurement leaders become climate champions who make buying decisions based on smart, climate-relevant data.

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Climate Sourcing

No more Excel spreadsheets! The Climate Performance Rating provides validated data on the holistic climate maturity of suppliers in the key impact and risk dimensions: Governance, Strategy, Metrics and KPIs. This enables comparison of suppliers in order to implement decarbonization all throughout the supply chain.

Climate Audits

A Climate Ready supply chain? The most important goal of all industry leaders! Invite your suppliers to be part of the solution and capture their holistic impact profile via Climate Performance Rating in compliance with international standards. Receive validated and externally auditable data directly from the supply chain.

Supplier Engagement

Suppliers are the drivers of transformation! They receive data-driven insights into their own market positioning – benchmarked against competitors, and future-oriented best practices.

Climate Sourcing

Climate Sourcing

Intelligent sourcing today is based on holistic, climate-relevant and valid data used directly to decarbonise the supply chain.

Our Climate Data Platform brings transparency to the supply chain through the analysis of aggregated data points and enables the easy identification of climate-compatible suppliers that already meet the highest reporting standards and have climate-relevant impact profiles.

ClimateAudit Ready Climate Rating Audits

Audit Quality Data

The Climate Performance Rating captures the holistic impact and risk profile of a company in the 5 dimensions: Impact Model, Strategy, Transparency, Climate Impact and Environmental Impact. The structured evaluation of the data shows how prepared a company is for climate change, including specific opportunities and potentials.

Transparency along the supply chain is of enormous economic, ecological and social relevance today. It is the basis for classifying climate strengths and formulating tailor-made decarbonization opportunities for existing and new suppliers.

As a climate-focused ESG rating, the Climate Performance Rating is based on internationally recognized standards such as the TCFD, the GRI and GHG and can be audited by external partners.

Climate Readiness Rating

Supplier Engagement

Network first. The supply chain does not end at the company’s own door, nor at national borders. A collaborative view of the future is therefore the only way to implement decarbonization in a structured and credible manner.

Our software solution starts where internal accounting tools end. Our data analysis not only helps suppliers evaluate their own climate performance, but also identifies action-oriented potential and concrete decarbonization measures. Thereby, suppliers and customers could work together in a transparent manner to actively pursue climate goals.

Our methodology is based on scientific findings, which we make accessible to every company through our easy-to-use software.


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What our customers say

"The pilot project with THE CLIMATE CHOICE can provide important insights for the decarbonisation of Telefónica Germany in Scope 3. It offers support to our suppliers in their climate transformation and we can get more transparency and comparable data on climate performance in our supply chain."

Joachim Sandt
Environmental Officer, O2 Telefónica

"The partner programme with THE CLIMATE CHOICE helps us to increase the climate-relevant transparency of our supply chain. With their software tool, we gain comparable data and thus improve cooperation along the supply chain with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions generated there. We are looking forward to the joint programme."

Dr. Johannes Knubben
Head of Sustainability Management, HiPP

"We must no longer operate at the expense of future generations. THE CLIMATE CHOICE supports companies in becoming climate responsible. That's good, because the time for talk is over, now it's time for action."

Cornelia Steinecke
Team Leader Business Customers, Green Planet Energy eG

"The market of CO2 offsetting providers is large and difficult for us to keep track of. An invitation to tender via THE CLIMATE CHOICE to relevant and high quality providers helped us to efficiently compare offers and ultimately save about 40% in costs."

Robin Himmels
Managing Director, eatclever.de

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