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Discover in our Climate Data Platform suppliers aligned with your climate goals, commission external climate audits and assist in supplier climate transformation.

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Climate Sourcing

We provide climate-relevant market intelligence for data-driven sourcing to decarbonize the supply chain.

Climate Audits

Our software platform, enables externally auditable climate assessments along internationally recognized standards.

Supplier Engagement

We combine recommendations for actions with our validated Climate Solution Partners that help your suppliers achieve their climate targets.


Climate Sourcing

Climate-friendly sourcing is based on relevant and robust information around a company’s climate performance.

Our Climate Data Platform aggregates a variety of data sources to identify climate-friendly suppliers and shows which suppliers already report according to recognized standards.


External Climate Audits

The Climate Readiness Check is a tool to transparently show how prepared a company is for climate change, in particular all associated risks and opportunities.

Transparency is not only of high economic, ecological and social relevance for your own company to identify opportunities and possibilities of action, but also for the assessment of strengths and possibilities of action in the own supply chain (especially regarding existing and new suppliers).

The Climate Readiness Check is based on internationally recognized standards and is audited by external partners.


Supplier Engagement

Saving emissions in the supply chain can be implemented in a targeted manner using our software solution. The Climate Readiness Check not only shows suppliers their own climate performance, but also identifies quick wins and long-term fields of action. On this basis, our software connects with climate-friendly upstream suppliers to drive the implementation of climate targets in a targeted manner.

Our methods are based on scientific results such as the Exponential Roadmap.


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What our customers say

"The market of CO2 offsetting providers is large and difficult for us to keep track of. An invitation to tender via THE CLIMATE CHOICE to relevant and high quality providers helped us to efficiently compare offers and ultimately save about 40% in costs."

Robin Himmels
Managing Director,

"We must no longer operate at the expense of future generations. THE CLIMATE CHOICE supports companies in becoming climate responsible. That's good, because the time for talk is over, now it's time for action."

Cornelia Steinecke
Team Leader Business Customers, Green Planet Energy eG

"Corporate climate transformation needs a strong CLIMATE community. As part of that, we help companies use renewable energy. The CLIMATE Readiness Check helps us do that by making our own climate performance transparent to us and our customers."

Philipp Petruschke
Head of Marketing & PR, GmbH

"Successful climate management must become the benchmark for corporate action. As a validated Climate Choice partner and part of the network, we are proud to be able to support companies in their use of renewable energies."

Dr. Fiete Dubberke
Managing Director IT, WestfalenWIND Strom GmbH

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