Decarbonizing the supply chain: The Climate Choice and HiPP launch partner programme


Berlin, December 7, 2021 – The software platform The Climate Choice and baby food manufacturer HiPP are launching a partner programme to collect climate-relevant data to decarbonize the supply chain. The aim of the collaboration is to use The Climate Choice’ software tool to record the climate performance of selected suppliers, such as HiPP’s packaging manufacturers, and to tap into qualitative and quantitative climate-relevant primary data as the basis for a successful decarbonization strategy. This is the prerequisite for uncovering potential for action and for implementing CO2 reduction measures in close cooperation with suppliers.

“Purchasing plays a central role in climate transformation – because up to 90 percent of all corporate emissions occur in the supply chain,” says Lara Obst, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Climate Choice. “In order for every buying decision to become a climate decision in the future, companies need detailed information about their climate-relevant opportunities, potentials and risks. This is exactly where we come in and have developed the Climate Readiness Check, a transparent digital solution to help suppliers become climate champions and reduce emissions along the supply chain together with their customers”. 

The Climate Readiness Check is the only sector-independent climate rating tool that offers companies a structured, software-driven analysis of their own climate performance. The dynamic online questionnaire functions as a climate-focused ESG (Environmental Social Governance) rating and is based on internationally recognized sustainability reporting standards. The analysis independently highlights a company’s climate potential and strengths in five dimensions: Transparency, Climate Impact, Environmental Impact, and Industry Impact. In action-oriented CLIMATE scorecards, the data becomes visible on The Climate Choice’ SaaS platform, enabling transparent and improved collaboration along the supply chain. 

Dr. Johannes Knubben, Head of Sustainability Management at HiPP, says: “We are currently working intensively on establishing a data exchange with our partners (such as packaging manufacturers) in order to identify reduction potential and implement reduction measures in a targeted manner. The partner programme with The Climate Choice helps us to increase the climate-relevant transparency of our supply chain. With their software tool, we gain comparable data and thus improve cooperation along the supply chain with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions generated there. We are looking forward to the joint programme.”

download press release (pdf, 69 KB)