Decarbonise the supply chain with The Climate Choice: O2 Telefónica analyses CO2 emissions from suppliers


Munich, February 28, 2022 – O2 Telefónica wants to create more transparency about its CO2 emissions along the supply chain, meaning in Scope 3. To this end, the company will use The Climate Choice software platform and collect climate-focused data from around 1,000 suppliers. The top 40 suppliers will also be invited to carry out a software-driven climate rating in order to uncover potentials for decarbonisation and to identify tailor-made fields of action. The qualitative and quantitative data resulting from this will serve as the basis for a Scope 3 decarbonisation strategy for O2 Telefónica. The collaboration preceded a pilot project in which the high level of climate maturity of the suppliers Giesecke+Devrient, Idemia, Komsa and Thales Group was recorded and validated.

“We want to be net CO2 neutral by 2025 at the latest. We have already reduced the CO2 emitted directly, in Scope 1, and indirectly through electricity purchases, in Scope 2, by 97 per cent since 2015. However, we can only save the climate if we look beyond our corporate boundaries. Together with our suppliers, we want to discover climate-related risks and leverage the potential to solve them. For us, this is the basis to also be emission-free along the supply chain by 2040 at the latest,” says Valentina Daiber, Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs at O2 Telefónica.

“The success of the corporate climate transformation stands and falls with the decarbonisation of the supply chain. Up to 90 per cent of a company’s emissions occur in Scope 3. We are delighted to support O2 Telefónica in capturing these emissions, creating more climate transparency and using our software tool to enable collaboration between companies and suppliers to achieve climate goals together,” says Lara Obst, Co-Founder and Managing Director of The Climate Choice.

The pilot project was born out of a collaboration between The Climate Choice and the O2 Telefónica Accelerator Wayra. To find out more about the company and its data management platform to decarbonise supply chains, visit The Climate Choice.
More information about O2 Telefónica’s climate strategy is available here.