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A full-service solution to build, manage, and expand your supply chain decarbonization efforts —from data acquisition to tracking and engagement.

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All plans include access to the company climate data directory with >30.000 data profiles.




TCC starter plan

upon request 

  • Company Profile & Scorecard
  • Climate Performance Benchmarking
  • Access company climate data directory (>30.000 data profiles)

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TCC professional plan

upon request 

All “Starter” benefits, plus

  • Analyse climate maturity of unlimited Suppliers
  • Limited Supplier Intelligence
  • Email Support

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TCC corporate plan

upon request 

All “Professional” benefits, plus

  • Access validated data points such as emissions and climate targets
  • Export full data sets to Excel, CSV, JSON
  • Full Supplier Climate Intelligence
  • Email + Phone Support

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TCC enterprise plan

upon request 

All “Corporate” benefits, plus

  • Export full data sets via API
  • Integrate with ERP & Procurement Systems
  • Custom Scoring & Data Solutions
  • Email + Phone Support + Dedicated Account Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Climate Readiness Check?

In order to make a quick start in climate transformation, small and medium-sized companies in particular often still lack the appropriate know-how and resources. This is where the Climate Readiness Check comes into play and helps with a free and secure self-test of the climate maturity of one’s own company. It is accessible to companies of all sizes and industries, can be completed in less than 5 minutes, and offers initial insights as well as benchmarks and quick wins for improvement.

What is the Climate Performance Assessment?

The Climate Performance Assessment (CPA) assesses companies on their strengths, opportunities, risks and potential issues with respect to climate change.

It is based on recognised global reporting standards such as the TCFD, SBTi, GRI and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, and implemented as a structured questionnaire encompassing climate-related topics of key importance.

Through validating and analyzing the primary data collected in the assessment, we calculate a Climate Performance Rating, which gives an overview of the performance in the assessment. The primary data is also used for producing a range of benchmarking scores and related insights, giving the relative performance of the company against its peers, particularly within a company’s supply chain.

The CPA is suitable for companies numbering above 50 employees across all industries. However, it should only be used to assess companies, and not facilities, company groups or other levels of inquiry. If you would like to assess these, please contact us and we can provide the appropriate assessment for that purpose.

How long does it take to complete the Climate Performance Assessment?

The time taken to complete the assessment varies between companies but typically can take anywhere from between 60 to 180 minutes.

What is the Climate Intelligence Platform?

The Climate Intelligence Platform enables enterprises to manage climate-relevant supplier data through a secure and efficient SaaS technology. The software tool provides validated data on suppliers’ climate maturity across key impact dimensions: Governance, Strategy, Transparency, Metrics & Targets and Decarbonization Measures. Via individual Climate Scorecards the platform maps the supplier data to the latest reporting requirements, ensuring integrity and reliable climate strategies while transitioning into a low carbon economy.

I have already conducted a Corporate Carbon Footprint for my company, what is the difference?

The corporate carbon footprint is a great starting point for climate transformation and amongst the most important indicators for measuring a company’s direct climate impact. However, you should have in mind that measured CO₂ emissions are backward-looking, a so-called “lagging KPI”, and only indicate what happened in the past. For a holistic understanding of the company’s climate performance, you instead also want to target future climate potentials and risks, and therefore have to focus on forward-looking metrics, so-called “leading KPIs”. These are part of the following areas: Governance, Strategy, Transparency, Metrics & Targets and Decarbonization Measures. These dimensions draw a picture of the direction a company will most likely steer towards over the next few years, and help you to holistically assess the real progress of your company’s and your supply chain’s climate transformation.

I have not yet conducted a Corporate Carbon Footprint for my company, is it included?

The Climate Performance Assessment asks companies whether they have calculated their corporate carbon footprint and, if so, what the result was. However, we do not offer the carbon accounting services ourselves, but if required, we are happy to refer you to one of our partners.

How does a the Climate Performance Assessment help me achieve my climate goals?

Successful climate transformation requires real change and innovation in your organization. Setting up a climate management system allows you to continuously improve your company’s climate performance.

The Climate Performance Assessment assesses the holistic climate management maturity of your company and its compliance with globally recognized climate reporting standards – focusing on all 5 critical dimensions of a company’s climate performance: Governance, Strategy, Transparency, Metrics & KPIs and Decarbonization Actions.

Your individual Climate Scorecard conveys benchmarks and recommendations in each of the 5 dimensions. These enable you to take immediate actions in order to continuously improve your company’s climate performance, based on a plan-do-check-act (PDCA) management cycle.

What our customers say

"The Climate Performance Assessment helps us to understand where we stand in the climate transformation and how we are assessed accordingly. The assessment enabled us to check internally whether we are on the right track and whether the goals are ambitious enough in all areas. In this way, our current status can now be located in a very concrete way."

Katrin Discher
Director Sustainability, TRILUX Group

"The partner program with The Climate Choice provides important insights for the decarbonization of Telefónica Germany in Scope 3. It offers support to our suppliers in their climate transformation and we can get more transparency and comparable data on climate performance in our supply chain."

Joachim Sandt
Senior Corporate Responsibility Manager, o2 Telefónica

"The partner program with The Climate Choice helps us to increase the climate-relevant transparency of our supply chain. With their software tool, we gain comparable data and thus improve cooperation along the supply chain with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions generated there. We are looking forward to the joint program."

Dr. Johannes Knubben
Head of Sustainability Management, HiPP Group