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Plan, adapt, implement: #CTS2023 workshops to guide your effective climate actions

05/03/2023 | Reading time: 4 minutes

The CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit 2023 is getting closer and just as promised we are ready to announce the expert’s workshops! Climate transformation is urgent and pressing and it’s forcing businesses to adapt. Companies need to look beyond their financial performances, but it is becoming crucial to reflect on how they run their business impacts the environment and society, and what needs to change. So how can you be equipped for planning, adapting, and implementing climate action?

To accompany you on this journey we have planned 2 workshops sessions on the 11th and 12th of May from where you can choose the topic you’re most interested in. These workshops are designed to provide hands-on training, knowledge sharing, and practical advice from experts in the field.

 Here are some of the workshops that will take place on May 11th and 12th! Get your ticket and sign up for your session before they fill up.

May 11th

1. EU taxonomy, data points for investors and applications deep dive

This workshop, led by Christoph Klein from ESG Portfolio Management, covers the basics of sustainable investing and how investors can use ESG criteria to assess companies and funds. Here participants will learn about the EU taxonomy, PAIs, Article 2 Nr. 17 SFDR, and general sustainable investment vehicles. Furthermore, the workshop explores the data points needed for investors and what this means for companies.

2. Understand – Activate – Move

If you’re looking to increase the effectiveness of your sustainability measures, this workshop by Martin Cserba and Una Sprenger is for you. They will provide you with the strategies and best practices for effectively leveraging your community, creating a responsible and meaningful impact. Join them to learn how to build trust and foster collaboration with local stakeholders. Moreover they will also share how diconium went through the journey of becoming a more sustainable company and how they apply their expertise with their clients.

3. Sustainable Industry 4.0 – detect, reduce, substitute – digital tools and coaching to support sustainability targets (in German)

Industry 4.0 technologies are transforming manufacturing processes, but they also have the potential to contribute to sustainability goals. In this workshop held by Ruben Rongstock from Mittelstand Digital Zentrum, participants will learn how to leverage digital tools and coaching to detect, reduce, and substitute materials and processes for more sustainable outcomes.

4. Stop playing hide-and-seek: How to leverage integrity and credibility for real climate action

The workshop deals with the overall question: How can companies make real transformation happen? You will focus on how to overcome the lack of integrity and credibility that not only jeopardizes real climate action but also companies’ successful transformation. The “One Planet Business by WWF”-Team will showcase approaches and tools by which to enhance the integrity and credibility of companies’ climate action. Together with the workshop’s larger audience, we will discuss these solutions and other ways to end the communicative “hide and seek” and leverage integrity and credibility for real transformational impact.

5. Going beyond your own company: How to structure climate management holistically

Set up your own climate management holistically. Climate protection does not stop at the company door, you can adress the challenges in the supply chain in cooperation with suppliers. This requires a structured data system, collaboration and simple steps to get started together. The workshop with Yasha Tarani, Co-Founder of THE CLIMATE CHOICE examines how software tools help to implement climate goals together with suppliers.

May 12th:

1. Best Practices how to decarbonize from Orange – with Jean-Manuel Canet

Jean-Manuel Canet from Orange shares Best Practices from the Telecommunication Sector on how to decarbonize a whole industry. Join to find out more!

2. Collaborative Scope 3 tools and guidance to help you make faster & more confident progress

Procurement is an untapped market force that can drive the transition to a decarbonized economy. In this workshop, you will explore how procurement can engage suppliers in the race to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, the pros and cons of doing so, and how to make it happen. The workshop is hosted by the Sustainable Procurement Pledge.

3. Carbon Investment – an alternative to Carbon Offsetting

In the workshop hosted by recarb GmbH and BaumInvest AG will explore carbon removal investment opportunities as a serious alternative to buying carbon credits. Participants will learn about quality criteria for project selection and what makes a good investment.

4. Climate Data for Scope 3 – How to collaboratively drive supply chain decarbonization

 New reporting requirements and stakeholder expectations are driving companies to collect climate-related information from their suppliers. Once you have overcome the first hurdle of collecting data along complex supply chains, you are immediately faced with the next challenge: What do I do with all this data now? How can I generate value for my company from it? How can it help me to achieve my sustainability targets? This workshop led by THE CLIMATE CHOICE and IBM provides answers and explores together with you, how climate office & procurement drive emissions down.

Are you ready to Make Transformation Happen?

By attending these workshops, companies can gain hands-on training and knowledge sharing from experts. Don’t miss out on the chance to learn from industry experts and Make Transformation Happen. Get your Summit ticket and sign up now for the workshops on May 11 and May 12!