Navigating Emission Calculation: Location-Based vs. Market-Based Method

11/10/2023 | Reading time: 3 minutes

Welcome to this week’s Key Climate Insights, from our CHOICE Event #64 with Robert Werner, CEO of greenmiles, and Yasha Tarani, Founder of The Climate Choice.

Together, we delve into the critical data aspect in emission calculations – and specifically the dynamic interplay between location-based and market-based methods when calculation Product Carbon footprints (PCF). Curious? Dive deep to learn how to navigating the complexities of emission calculation and overcome the data gap.

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CHOICE Event #64: Navigating the Credibility Gap in PCF Calculation

Key Climate Insights

Renewables as a Competitive Advantage for whole Nations

GHG Protocol and Emission Calculation Methods

Challenges – Double Accounting & Lack of Comparability

Norway example of PCF calculation when using GOs - renewable energy trading.

Challenges and Guidelines on Data Credibility

While the GHG Protocol provides guidance on the usage of location-based and market-based methods, those are not binding. And often it seems as if every company takes another approach. Especially when you gather supplier specific data, the challenge of missing credibility arises.

Lack of clear guidance on when to use location-based vs. market-based calculation methods poses a hurdle for organizations, when using emission data to compare companies or their products.

Robert Werner, greenmiles

Quick Guide on Supply Chain Emissions – here in the CLIMATE Magazin.



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