Sustainability and procurement leaders attending the online climate transformation summit

Make Transformation Happen: the #CTS2023 is here! 

02/03/2023 | Reading time: 4 minutes

The CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit, the first 100% online conference for decision makers, sustainability and procurement leaders is back on May 11th and 12th for its fourth edition!

We all want to preserve our home

Home can have many different forms, can be made of brick, can be on wheels, can be fixed or more flowy and move around, but I believe we all need security and safety, and a home, whatever it looks like. Our planet is also just that.

It can be overwhelming to feel like you are standing in front of a huge crisis like climate change, and to know that you’re also responsible for it. In the business world the situation often isn’t much different, between “regulation anxiety”, and the tangible impacts that temperature rising have on businesses – and we had a taste of that during this summer’s heat waves. 

Feeling helpless in front of huge problems is a lonesome feeling, and it only has one cure: community. 

My name is Alice, and that is why I decided to join THE CLIMATE CHOICE as a Marketing and Event Manager for the organization of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit. Joining forces with people who are willing to get their hands dirty to design and implement change is the only option that I see to really make an impact on the biggest challenge of our time.

To build an ecosystem 

An ecosystem is an area where all organisms work together to create something. 

When the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit was started the main idea was to provide a platform where sustainability experts could come together and share their experiences, struggles and best practices. 

Now, at its fourth edition, the Summit is much more than that: the mission became to create and nurture a community of experts, academics, business, sustainability, procurement, supply chain officers, corporations, start ups, activists. The common goal? Making Transformation Happen. 

Join the Transformation 

It’s my pleasure to invite you to #CTS2023! The CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit is the first 100% online conference for decision makers and procurement leader and it will take place on May 11th and 12th.

On Thursday we will be discussing how companies need to transform, and what we need to go beyond climate neutrality. Observing climate disclosure reports makes it obvious to realize that most of CO2 emissions come from the supply chain, and to address this topic we decided to make the second day of the summit all about the Supply Chain Transformation, and how to tackle scope 3. 

You can join in and get your tickets here!

The Climate Choice as an Ecosystem 

We strongly believe that the only way we can Make Transformation Happen is through transparent collaboration, that’s why we built our Supplier Climate Intelligence Platform where you can easily manage your climate data, save costs and automate time intensive processes for supply chain decarbonization. 

From setting up and monitoring your supplier climate engagement targets to accessing and calculating company risks over time the platform can support you in your decarbonization journey.

Here comes the big news! From this year for every CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit ticket you also get an exclusive access code to our platform where you can do a Climate Readiness Check right away. 

We are in the business of enabling transparent and comparable climate data and we want to work together to make every company a climate champion! 

The more the merrier

I also want to take this chance to thank the first amazing partners that are leading #CTS2023 with us! It’s my pleasure to announce the participation of BAUM e. V., BNW e. V., Stiftung Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima and Bearing Point! We will also be joined by amazing speakers like David Carlin, Climate Risk Program Lead at TCFD & UN Nations; Paula Caballero “Inventor of the SDGs” Director for Latin America at The Nature Conservancy; Daniel Mazure, Director Environment & Climate at UN Global Compact and Yvonne Jamal CEO of JARO Institut e.V.

Stay in the loop!

Now its time to get your tickets for the summit!! 

Don’t forget to check out the #CTS2023 website and our LinkedIn where we announced some amazing speakers and partners and that we will be updating with new surprises soon!