Engaging Suppliers for Renewable Energy in Asia

05/02/2024 | Reading time: 2 minutes

To drive decarbonization the role of suppliers is critical. In today’s global economy, the push for sustainability best practice in supply chains has never been more urgent. However, as companies strive to reduce their carbon footprint, one crucial aspect often overlooked is the engagement of international suppliers, particularly those in Asia. These suppliers form the backbone of many supply chains, yet collaborating with them presents unique challenges. In online webinar, CHOICE Event #71, we dived deep into the importance of supplier engagement, focusing on the implementation of renewable energy solutions in Asia with our partner, act renewable.

Find in the following the full recording as well as a short summary.

Online webinar, CHOICE Event #71.

Scope 3 Impact
Supplier engagement is instrumental in identifying and mitigating indirect emissions, which typically account for a significant portion of a company’s carbon footprint through the supply chain (Scope 3). By working closely with suppliers, companies can address emissions that extend beyond their direct operations, thus making meaningful strides towards decarbonization.

Global Challenge
Asia plays a pivotal role in global supply chains, serving as a major manufacturing hub with an extensive network of suppliers. Engaging these suppliers is essential for effective decarbonization efforts, considering the region’s substantial contribution to global emissions. Without collaboration in Asia, achieving significant reduction results becomes increasingly challenging.

Market Drivers

Engaging suppliers not only aligns with rising customer expectations for sustainability but also opens doors to markets where sustainable practices are becoming prerequisites for doing business. This shift is driven by various factors, including stricter environmental regulations, the imposition of climate taxes, advancements in technology, and evolving cost metrics. By embracing supplier engagement, companies can stay ahead of regulatory requirements and tap into new market opportunities.

Best Practices
Despite its importance, engaging suppliers in Asia comes with its own set of challenges. In the webinar we explored together best practices for overcoming these obstacles, including assessing the availability and applicability of renewable energy solutions in different countries. Moreover, by sharing insights and experiences, both corporates and suppliers can navigate the path towards decarbonization more effectively.

Meet Our Experts
For CHOICE Event #71, we are thrilled to welcome Trang Nguyen and Nicolás García Ortega from act renewable. With over eight years of experience in Asia’s renewable energy sector, Trang Nguyen leads act renewable’s Asia Advisory Services, working closely with global corporates and their supply chains to develop renewable energy solutions as part of their decarbonization efforts. Nicolás García Ortega, dedicated to finding effective solutions for customer challenges, brings expertise in renewable energy strategy, aligning energy demand with emission reduction goals, and identifying renewable energy options in different locations.

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