CTS2023 in Review: Driving Transformation in Scope 3

05/17/2023 | Reading time: 6 minutes

What a conference! The CLIMATE Transformation Summit has passed and we at THE CLIMATE CHOICE feel more inspired than ever. After the intense two days I’m ready to reflect and look back at the highlights of the event! 

The Summit in numbers

facts and numbers of the climate transformation summit

We are really proud of having brought together an engaged (and diverse) CLIMATE community, that was enthusiastic about connecting with each other,  learning about innovative solutions and getting their hands dirty for the planet! 

Let’s explore the highlights..

Summit kick off: Inspiring Keynote and.. a surprise! 

The summit began with an inspiring video message sent by none other than Jane Goodall herself, setting the tone for the transformative discussions ahead.

It’s hard to follow Jane Goodall’s footsteps but our keynote speaker Julian Zuber from GermanZero, did not fall short! He provided a systemic approach to addressing climate change. His key points emphasized the importance of challenging regulations, adopting cross-sectoral and holistic solutions, and integrating sustainable financing, industry-level policies, and carbon pricing. Julian also underscored the vital role of companies as institutions that can influence the overall framework for a green economy, encouraging them to lobby for a sustainable future and support demands that extend beyond their own industries.

keynote at #Cts2023 ClimateSummit.de 2023 by Germany Zero

Main Panel Discussion: From Climate Disclosure to Action

Following the inspiring keynotes, a main panel titled “From Climate Disclosure to Action: Making Transformation Happen!” brought together experts to discuss the practical steps required for implementing transformational change. Moderated by Ingmar Rentzhog from We Don’t Have Time, the panel featured speakers including Olivia Henke from The Foundation Development and Climate Alliance, Daniel Mazure from the UN Global Compact, David Carlin from UN Climate Risk & TCFD Lead, and Neliswa Hare from Deloitte (former Race to Resilience Program).

The panelists explored the importance of climate disclosure and highlighted how organizations can move beyond disclosure to action. They shared insights on the role of sustainable finance, climate risk assessment, and the need for globally recognized frameworks. The panel’s discussions shed light on the diverse perspectives and collaborative efforts necessary to achieve meaningful transformation within companies.

Hands on! Workshops and Innovative Exhibitor Pitches

Following the panel discussion, participants had the opportunity to engage in workshops. There they could delve deeper into specific topics and collaborate with like-minded individuals. The workshops were booked and busy, with an average of 35 participants each, fostered interactive discussions and knowledge sharing.

Furthermore the summit provided a platform for innovative companies and organizations to showcase their work. We had the pleasure to assist to exhibitor pitches from TreeO, Climony, recarb, The Climate Choice, CarbonStack, AfB Group, eevie, Orsted, and TapTree. These visionary innovators shared their initiatives, products, and services aimed at driving sustainability and making a positive impact on the environment.

Fireside Chats: Inspiring Conversations

We had two fireside chats to dive deep into the topic of the day. The first fireside chat, “Climate Neutral & Beyond,” moderated by Yvonne Zwick from BAUM e.V., featured speakers Steffen Kück from Orsted, Sabine Schellander from Greiner AG, and Paula Caballero from TNC. The chat explored the urgency of aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), integrating sustainability into business practices. Moreover it touched upon the critical role of individuals and mindsets in driving circularity and transformative change.

The second fireside chat, “Transformation from Within,” moderated by Christine Braun from BNW, featured insightful conversations with Josefine Dogs from Deutsche Bahn, Rainer Karcher from Allianz, and Björn Knoop from fritz-kola. They discussed the significance of transparency, data understanding, and aligning all employees with sustainable practices. Clear communication with suppliers and the development of smart data collection processes were highlighted as crucial elements.

Satellite Events: Expanding the Impact

Following the panel discussions, we organized satellite events in Berlin with TUV and myclimate and Hamburg with B.A.U.M. e.V. for the first time ever. These events aimed to extend the reach of the summit’s messages and inspire local communities to drive transformation within their respective regions. The lenghts we go to inspire the CLIMATE community to take meaningful action!


Continuing the momentum from the first day, the CLIMATE Transformation Summit’s second day was filled with engaging keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and exhibitor pitches. The focus of Friday 12th was all about Scope 3!  Let’s delve into the key highlights of the day.

Keynote: Respecting Planetary Boundaries and Social Foundation

Ada Jukas from GLS Bank delivered an inspiring keynote emphasizing the importance of respecting planetary boundaries and the social foundation. She introduced the concept of the “donut effect”. Moreover she highlighted the need to find a balance between environmental sustainability and social equity.

Panel: Overcoming Scope 3 Challenge

Moderated by Lara Obst from The Climate Choice, this panel brought together industry experts to discuss the challenges associated with Scope 3 emissions. Speakers included Sonya Bhonsle from CDP, Mats Pellbäck Scharp from Ericsson, Leo Boukert from Danone, Katarzyna Dulko-Gaszyna from IKEA, and Yasha Tarani from The Climate Choice. Key insights revealed that Scope 3 emissions are gaining attention from regulators. That’s crucial as there is growing interest and commitment in addressing them.

Workshops and Exhibitor Pitches

Following the panel discussion, participants engaged in workshops that provided practical insights and actionable strategies. The summit also featured exhibitor pitches from innovative organizations such as Cubemos, TÜV Rheinland, LegalTegrity, Verso, upstream, 2zero, Greenmiles, ClimateSeed, Autensys, nadar. These pitches allowed attendees to discover cutting-edge solutions and connect with sustainability-focused businesses.

Fireside Chat: Collaboration in Scope 3

Maria Villablanca moderated a fireside chat that explored the importance of collaboration in addressing Scope 3 emissions. The discussion featured Elisabeth Goos from IBM, Dennis Bakx from Heineken, and Gundula Ullah from Funke Media. Key insights emphasized the complexity of Scope 3 emissions and successful examples of tangible action. It was also showcased the necessity of commitment towards sustainable sourcing and transparency throughout the value chain.

Closing Keynote: Building Hope for a Brighter Future

Anna Rathmann from the Jane Goodall Foundation delivered a powerful closing keynote. She emphasized the significance of working with communities and fostering collaboration towards shared sustainability goals. Rathmann reminded attendees that hope is a decision, and by coming together, everyone can contribute to creating a brighter future.

We are ready to take action now! 

The CLIMATE Transformation Summit showcased inspiring keynotes, insightful panel discussions, interactive workshops, and enlightening exhibitor pitches.

Participants gained valuable knowledge and perspectives on addressing Scope 3 emissions, promoting collaboration, and building hope for a sustainable future. The summit served as a catalyst for driving transformative change within companies and creating a positive impact on the planet and society. Do you want to keep the momentum going? Join the Scope 3 Action Group!