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On this page you will find an overview of the climate transformation of companies.

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Climate transformation

Climate transformation refers to the holistic shift toward a climate-neutral economy. Based on research results from the Exponential Roadmap, the term “climate transformation” refers to a rapid, cross-industry transformation of the economy through concrete CO2-reducing measures, technical innovations and specific climate solutions.

In this process, measuring and offsetting CO2 takes place as a necessary support for CO2 reduction, but not as a decisive goal of the intended, profound change.

CO2 footprint and CO2 measurement

In order to create transparency and to identify the emission-rich stages of the value chain, the measurement of one’s own CO2 footprint is indispensable.

The CO2 footprint (also: CO2 balance) in the economic sense describes the direct and indirect CO2e emissions that are emitted by corporate processes (GHG Protocol, 2015).

The CO2 footprint forms the totality of these emissions from activities carried out within a year. CO2 measurement is the first step in understanding one’s own emission sources and the potential for CO2 reduction within one’s own company (GHG Protocol, 2015).

CO2 reduction

In order to reach the common 1.5°C target, the global community needs to achieve an annual CO2e reduction of at least 7% (Exponential Roadmap, 2018) . Companies such as governments and NGOs must therefore focus on CO2e reduction in their climate transformation process. To enable a particularly rapid CO2e reduction, the Exponential Roadmap identifies 36 individual climate solutions in different industries that enable sector-specific 50% CO2e emission reductions by 2030. Reduction targets should identify concrete measures within a defined timeframe.

Based on the Exponential Roadmap, solution providers can be found in 9 impact categories on our software platform.

9 Impact Categories for Decarbonization

1. Energy

  • Own Solar & Wind Energy
  • Natural Power Provider
  • Energy Management Software

2. Buildings

  • Smart heating & cooling systems
  • Efficient insulation & renovation
  • Office IoT

3. Industry

  • Low carbon materials
  • Environmentally friendly supplies
  • Circular business models

4. Transport

  • Fleet Solutions
  • Employee Mobility
  • Mobility Sharing

5. Food

  • Sustainable canteen solutions
  • Reduced food waste
  • Sustainable agriculture

6. Digital

  • CO2 footprint calculation software
  • Green Hosting & IT Solutions
  • Digital Services & Applications

7. Environment

  • CO2 Offset
  • Biodiversity
  • Reforestation


  • Sustainable Banking & Investments
  • Employee Pension
  • Green Insurance


  • NGOs
  • Education
  • Healthcare

CO2 offsetting

The idea of CO2e offsetting is to compensate (offsetting) locally generated emitted emissions by saving them somewhere other than where they are produced. This helps to ensure that the CO2e content in the atmosphere does not increase (Umweltbundesamt, 2019). For example, by supporting climate protection projects and technological or nature-based carbon removal processes, emitted greenhouse gases can be offset in a decentralized manner. The concept was initiated in 1997 by the Kyoto Protocol to promote climate protection measures where they could not be financed. As a result, there is a mandatory CO2 offset with CO2 trading certificates at the state level for various industries. In addition, a voluntary market for climate protection financing exists in the global South (Umweltbundesamt, 2019).

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What our customers say

"We must no longer operate at the expense of future generations. THE CLIMATE CHOICE supports companies in becoming climate responsible. That's good, because the time for talk is over, now it's time for action."

Cornelia Steinecke
Team Leader Business Customers, Green Planet Energy eG

"Corporate climate transformation needs a strong CLIMATE community. As part of that, we help companies use renewable energy. The CLIMATE Readiness Check helps us do that by making our own climate performance transparent to us and our customers."

Philipp Petruschke
Head of Marketing & PR, GmbH

"The market of compensation providers is large and difficult for us to keep track of. A tender via THE CLIMATE CHOICE to relevant and high quality providers helped us to efficiently compare offers and ultimately save about 40% costs."

Robin Himmels
Chief Operating Officer, eatclever GmbH

"Successful climate management must become the benchmark for corporate action. As a validated Climate Choice partner and part of the network, we are proud to be able to support companies in their use of renewable energies."

Dr. Fiete Dubberke
Managing Director IT, WestfalenWIND Strom GmbH

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