Climate Readiness Check Methodology & Criteria

An Actionable Framework for Climate Transformation & Decarbonisation

What is the Climate
Readiness Check?

The Climate Readiness Check is an industry-independent assessment that can be be scaled to companies and organisations of varying sizes, from SMEs to enterprise companies. It is an actionable framework for gathering information and turning it into insights that provide companies with specific decarbonisation and climate transformation steps.

The check involves completing a comprehensive questionnaire covering key areas of organisation readiness for climate transformation. The questions are adapted from research conducted by bodies such as the GRI and TCFD standards. The answers are analysed and an insight report is produced, which is delivered with an accompanying face-to-face consultation. The report highlights both strengths and opportunities for change, with concrete steps for improvement.

Methodology I:

The 10 Key Steps to Successful Climate Transformation

  1. Transparency and open dialogue with stakeholders
  2. Integrate SDGs into corporate strategy
  3. Set climate targets according to The Paris Agreement
  4. Measure corporate and product CO2 footprints
  5. Identify potential CO2 reductions
  6. Draw up a reduction roadmap
  7. Turn improvement strategies into action
  8. Engage your supply chain
  9. Adopt reporting and impact standards
  10. Continually evaluate and critically review progress.

(Adapted from GRI, SDGs, ISO Standards & UN Global Compact)

Methodology II:

Questions Aligned with
Reporting Standards

The Climate Readiness Check covers questions in four different areas, which are:

  1. Transparency
  2. Climate Impact
  3. Ecological Action
  4. Industry Impact

The question are aligned with frameworks including TCFD, EU Taxonomy, EU NFRD, GRI and GHG Protocol.

The Climate Choice Partner Program

Companies that achieve a score of over a minimum threshold in the Climate Readiness Check can be accepted into the Climate Choice Partner Program. This offers added value for the partner company by making it visible to other companies that it is actively committed to climate change.

Selection of climate-
relevant companies & solutions

It is particularly important to us that all products and services we represent have a positive impact on the environment and / or society and meet our positive criteria. THE CLIMATE CHOICE lists products and services that are positive for people, the environment and the economy. In doing so, we want to make sustainability simple and applicable. We therefore take a “best-in-class” approach and specifically look for companies that do something “better” or different so that fewer resources are used and CO2 is saved. These companies can either have a clearly sustainable business model or improve particularly critical business areas in terms of environmental or social criteria through innovative solutions. We systematically search for the solutions of the respective companies according to problem areas that entrepreneurs have in their everyday business or that they encounter during the transition to sustainability. If you have any questions or would like to point out missing solutions, please send us your suggestions. If you are a provider yourself, the best way is to use the following button “Request Climate Readiness Check”. If you want to suggest a provider, use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


The company is transparent about the defined sustainability goals, annual emissions, and / or core areas in the company that serve sustainability.

Environmentally Conscious

A concrete target for environmental protection in the next 5 – 15 years, measurement and adjustment of the strategy takes place regularly and results in a demonstrably, sustainable product or service.


A concrete target for positive, social change in the next 5 – 15 years, measurement and adjustment of the strategy is done regularly and results in a demonstrable, social product or service.


The product or service of the company fits into our 9 impact categories and has the potential to lead to a strong CO2 reduction and / or increased social processes in companies.

Exclusion Criteria

Our exclusion criteria result from the inverse. We do not want to exclude any solutions per se, but we start with a limited number of companies so that we can analyse the impact and sustainability of the products and services. For this purpose, we contact all companies and ask for further information and current results. In case of doubt we contact third parties and will not list the respective company.

All listed companies are thus selected by THE CLIMATE CHOICE to the best of our knowledge and listed deliberately. However, we cannot assume any liability for the contents and offers of the respective companies. If you have any suggestions or criticism about existing or missing solutions, please feel free to send us your suggestions via our contact form.

Solutions in 9 impact

On THE CLIMATE CHOICE, you’ll find climate-related solutions in seven categories that help companies measure, reduce and offset CO2. Our seven categories, integrate solutions based on the Exponential Roadmap 2030, and serve as our compass to find the products and services with the greatest possible impact.

 1. Energy

2. Buildings

3. Industry

4. Transport

5. Food

6. Digital

7. Environment

8. Finance

  • Sustainable Banking & Investments
  • Employee Pension
  • Green Insurance

9. Society

  • NGOs
  • Education
  • Healthcare

What our customers say

"We can no longer continue to do business at the expense of future generations. THE CLIMATE CHOICE supports companies in becoming climate responsible. That's good, because the time for talk is over, now it's time for action."

Cornelia Steinecke
Team Leader Business Customers, Green Planet Energy eG

"Corporate climate transformation needs a strong CLIMATE community. As part of that, we help companies use renewable energy. The CLIMATE Readiness Check helps us do that by making our own climate performance transparent to us and our customers."

Philipp Petruschke
Head of Marketing & PR, GmbH

"Successful climate management must become the benchmark for corporate action. As a validated Climate Choice partner and part of the network, we are proud to be able to support companies in their use of renewable energies."

Dr. Fiete Dubberke
Managing Director IT, WestfalenWIND Strom GmbH

"Climate protection is health protection! And this requires all parts of our society. This is why we are part of The Climate Choice. Learning from each other, sharing experiences and supporting each other drive a transformation we have to make for a sustainable future - whether we like it or not!"

Markus Mosig
Sustainability Referee, BKK ProVita


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