Carbon Accounting Guide for Suppliers (incl. Free Tools)

Including a catalogue of 8 free carbon accounting tools to get you started on your climate journey. Use the tools for your own business or to support your suppliers.

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The Climate Choice - Getting Started with Carbon Accounting for Suppliers (including Free Tools)

Getting started with Carbon Accounting

Carbon accounting has become increasingly important for businesses in recent years, particularly when it comes to addressing challenges related to climate change. It is now considered a crucial aspect of sustainable business practices.

Includes 8 Free Carbon Accouting Tools

This free resource offers the background and a list of free carbon accounting tools and software solutions tailored to suppliers. Use the tools for your own business or to support your suppliers on their climate journey.

This Guide offers:

  • Overview to start with Carbon Accounting
  • Explanation on Key Concepts & Methodologies
  • A catalogue & analysis of 8 free-of-charge carbon accounting tools
  • Sector specific tools for carbon accounting for packaging & print products, farming / agriculture products as well as logistics emissions. 

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