Third time’s the charm: #CTS2022!

04.02.2022 | Lesedauer: 4 Minuten

In four months the third edition of the CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit will take place. My name is Chiara Tufarelli, I am this year’s Event Project Manager and I am very excited to give you a glimpse of what the #CTS2022 will be like this year, so let’s get started!


We are taking the next step: for the first time the CTS is entirely going to be held in English! No more language barrier for those who do not speak German – it is a very hard language after all, I know it very well as I am Italian and I’ve been struggling with it for years!

The reason for this change is obvious if you think of the mission of the #CTS2022: sharing best practices and creating a CLIMATE Community to foster decarbonisation.


This leads me to the second point I want to touch upon: who is participating?

The CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summit is the first 100% online B2B event where climate officers, procurement leaders, decision makers, politicians and innovators participate to learn from one another – sharing their insights, best practices and challenges working on the climate transformation. The focus of the #CTS2022 will thus be on the Decarbonisation of Companies and their Supply Chains, which is where the majority of corporate CO2 emissions stems from! Exciting, isn’t it? It also creates a certain fil rouge with the previous Summits, where the focus was first on learning about climate solutions, at #CTS2020, and then on implementing climate goals in action, at #CTS2021.


Now that you know the what and the who, I should probably tell you the when and how: the 2nd and 3rd of June, 100% online, live and interactive!

Considering that we will all meet online, you don’t have to worry about flying in, finding a hotel room or cancelling last minute saying that you “tested positive” – this event is climate- and covid-proof!


Now I have to be honest with you and tell you that I didn’t participate to the previous CLIMATE TRANSFORMATION Summits – I wasn’t aware of them yet – but I’ve heard they’ve been pretty awesome! So no matter if you are new to the world of climate transformation and supply chain decarbonisation or a leading expert, join the CLIMATE community and make 2022 matter the most! Head right away to EventBrite where you can enjoy an Early Bird Discount on the tickets!


In case you like to find out even more about the #CTS2022, on the website you can get already a sneak preview of this year’s speakers.

Among them we have Professor Stefan Rahmstorf, Head of the Earth System Analysis Department at Potsdam Institute für Klimafolgen (PIK). In 2017, he was the first scientist outside the USA to be awarded the Climate Communication Prize. Stefan will open the summit with his keynote, getting us all excited to take actions!

Then, if you’re interested in climate disclosure and regulations, you cannot miss the opportunity to meet Yvonne Zwick, CEO of B.A.U.M. e.V., who undertook various positions in the office of the German Council for Sustainable Development from 2004 onwards and now joins as an expert in EFRAG’s SME working group, which is developing the European sustainability reporting standard for companies.

Finally, if you’re a procurement passionate, you will certainly appreciate the expertise of Yvonne Jamal, CEO of the JARO Institut e.V., who is specialized in sustainable procurement and wants to ensure that sustainable action becomes the standard for the economy – by imparting relevant knowledge, connecting people and organizations and working for the implementation of the SDGs.


On the #CTS2022 website you will find in the next days and weeks more speakers who will be revealed. I will happily introduce them to you next time. 

Alright, I think you noticed I am pretty excited and looking forward to meeting you soon!

For now, I go back to planning the Summit, but I’ll keep you updated in the THE CLIMATE CHOICE Magazine! 

See you then!