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3 Jahre. Über 70 Webinare. Über 4.000 Peers. Die Choice Events stellen Best Practices vor, um die Dekarbonisierung entlang der Lieferkette umzusetzen.

04.07.2024 - Accelerating Scope 3 Decarbonization: How Haleon Applies Carbon Pricing for Impact

13 bis 14:00 Uhr

Navigating the journey to Net Zero in Scope 3 is very challenging, especially when tested strategies and measures are not (yet) available. To shed light on effective best practices, we invite you to CHOICE Event #74.

Our Expert:

In this online webinar you will meet Chris Low, Head of Procurement Sustainability and Packaging at Haleon, the consumer health powerhouse behind brands like Sensodyne, Panadol, and Voltaren. Chris is responsible for driving Procurement’s contribution to Haleon’s climate ambitions related to Scope 3, Sustainable Sourcing and Plastics reduction. He will share how Haleon applies „Carbon Pricing“ as key tool in sustainable procurement processes to drive supply chain decarbonization.

CHOICE Event #74:

In this webinar, Chris Low shares Haleon’s longlasting journey to reducing their Scope 3 carbon footprint. With all its ups and downs and the key tool: carbon pricing. We will dive deep on how carbon pricing can drive impact, and why strategic supplier collaboration is essential in any decarbonization strategy.

What awaits you:

– Insights on Carbon Pricing: Learn how carbon pricing can be used to incentivize suppliers and achieve rapid decarbonisation.

– Best Practices: Delve into Haleon’s decarbonization strategies and their transformative impact on procurement processes.

– Meet a Peer: Chris Low will provide practical insights and real-world examples of how Haleon is pioneering its sustainable sourcing and plastics reduction practices.

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The Climate Choice presents this online webinar as part of the CHOICE Event series, dedicated to showcasing best practices for driving Scope 3 decarbonisation. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from industry leaders and enhance your sustainability initiatives.

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