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3 Jahre. Über 70 Webinare. Über 4.000 Peers. Die Choice Events stellen Best Practices vor, um die Dekarbonisierung entlang der Lieferkette umzusetzen.

07.03.2024 - CBAM for Climate Champions: Requirements & Implications

13 bis 14:00 Uhr

CBAM, short for Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism, is a groundbreaking EU tool to address the challenge of carbon leakages. Those occur when companies shift carbon-intensive production to countries with less stringent climate policies. The mechanism ensures that imported goods carry a fair carbon price equivalent to their domestic counterparts, aligning with the EU’s ambitious climate goals.

CHOICE Event #70:

Together we get our deep dive into CBAM:

– Fair Carbon Pricing: How does CBAM works connected to the carbon market?

– Carbon Mitigation: How does CBAM safeguards against the risk of carbon leakage?

– Global Climate Impact: How does the mechanism contributes to the EU’s climate efforts?

– Implementation Phases: What happens now after the first reporting obligations?

Our expert:

To explore CBAM together, we invite BearingPoint as a partner to the CHOICE Event #70.

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THE CLIMATE CHOICE offers this event as part of the CHOICE Event series, which presents best practice to drive Scope 3 decarbonization.

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28.03.2024 - How to Engage Suppliers for Renewable Energy in Asia

13 bis 14:00 Uhr

Supplier engagement is crucial for driving decarbonization in supply chains. Many companies however struggle to collaborate with their international partners, for several reasons. Meanwhile especially Asia is a significant manufacturing hub with a vast network of suppliers. Engaging these suppliers is essential as they contribute considerably to global emissions, and potentially to your own supply chain.

CHOICE Event #71:

In this webinar we explore together with act renewable, the options for supplier engagement through renewable energy implementation in Asia. Together we get our deep dive into:

Scope 3 Impact: How engaging suppliers helps identify and mitigate indirect emissions, typically a substantial portion of a company’s carbon footprint from the supply chain (Scope 3).

Global Challenge: What Asia’s role in global supply chains means for decarbonization efforts and how engaging suppliers in this region is pivotal for achieving meaningful reduction results.

Market Drivers: Why engaging suppliers is not only key to meet rising customer expectations but can also open doors to markets where sustainable practices are becoming prerequisites – driven by stricter environmental regulations, climate taxes, technical development and costs metrics.

Best Practices: How corporates and suppliers can overcome potential challenges, assessing the availability and applicability of renewable energy solutions in selected countries to reduce emissions.

Our Expert:

To explore Supplier Engagement for Decarbonization together, we invite act renewable as a partner to the CHOICE Event #71.

Trang Nguyen (Asia Advisory Services) heads up the act renewable team in Asia. She is working closely with global corporates and their supply chains for more than 8 years to develop RE solutions as part of their decarbonizing efforts.

Nicolás García Ortega (Renewable Energy Strategy) is dedicated to finding the most effective solutions to customer challenges like: aligning energy demand with emission reduction goals, and the RE options available in different locations.

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THE CLIMATE CHOICE offers this online webinar as part of the CHOICE Event series, which presents best practice to drive Scope 3 decarbonization.

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